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  1. How can I hack sunshop?
  2. Using Outside Programs in Template
  3. Mod Required ASAP!
  4. Help please
  5. Moving products
  6. Embedding video in category description
  7. including sunshop content on my main site, outside of the cart
  8. would like to have packing list print out numerically by item number
  9. Looking for Programmer for SS mod.
  10. Category More than 1 Group
  11. Automatic Currency Updates
  12. Minimum Quantity for item
  13. $navigation "Product"
  14. don't want a template - how to do this
  15. radio button
  16. Need Help
  17. Include Buy Now button and extra product content to enlarged product image pop up
  18. Add referral name to login form
  19. Sunshop and Google Analytics
  20. Customising SunShop
  21. Table Columns for sub categories ?
  22. How do I add a new table?
  23. Moving SunShop from one site to another
  24. Validation Mod Needed
  25. Mod Needed for Indicating the Shipping Prices of Muliple Vendors (Drop Shippers)
  26. Date Stamp
  27. Order ID prefix
  28. redirect after login
  29. Extened Cat. Description field/change name
  30. category table - available and viewable columns
  31. Send an email to different departments in Contact Us Form
  32. Subcategory +images?
  33. How do I Show Manufacture List in Search Table
  34. Theme Hack Problems
  35. Programming Work for Sun Shop
  36. Requesting help with view cart mouse over descriptive text not showing
  37. Minimum Order Pricing
  38. search by attribute
  39. Secure your entire checkout process --including signup form WOO!
  40. Modifying the core to support wholesale pricing per product
  41. Sunshop 4.0 - Where is the packing list?????
  42. Show product image in the bestseller list?
  43. title in settings
  44. Pricelist in 4.0
  45. Lightbox Integration SS4
  46. Custom modifications for sunshopcart
  47. Quantity box on main products page
  48. Make Admin SKU Field 12-digits instead of 10
  49. Timezone hack
  50. MOD for Free Shipping Display
  51. One Page Checkout
  52. Help With SS4 Template Layout
  53. [REQUEST] sub cats in cat table
  54. Looking for developer
  55. Mod: SS4 Tare Weight
  56. I Need a Modification! Can anyone Please help??
  57. Looking for a couple of things for SS4
  58. Google Analytics question
  59. Home Page Customization
  60. Subcategories
  61. Subcategories in menu?
  62. Terms and Conditions
  63. Modifications in Sunshop
  64. Modification of Specials Output
  65. Upgrade, Fix, Customize, Transfer Sunshop Installation
  66. Product Options Add and Deduct
  67. Line Break in Options?? Need Help.
  68. Please give me help with creating a new page in 4.03
  69. navigation changes
  70. Need Pre-Order Feature in 4.0.4
  71. Continue Shopping button - Fix
  72. Direct Deposit for SS4.05 ?
  73. VAT for UK sites
  74. Realtime Free Shipping
  75. Agree to Terms and Conditions Checkbox at checkout
  76. Albums / tracks for music download site
  77. Getting user Documentation
  78. How about something where people can help
  79. Simple Workflow Hack For Managing Transactions
  80. Google Analytics to Track Sales
  81. Custom Work Required
  82. Custom Shipping Module
  83. sub category
  84. Is there a way to get custom work and mods?
  85. Multiple Shipping Scenarios ?
  86. Menu fonts
  87. Custom backgrounds
  88. price + GST
  89. Template Relocation
  90. Nochex Payment Module (URGENT)
  91. Custom form changes for packing slip & Order
  92. Order Tracking
  93. Please Help me fix this code $30 Paypal
  94. found a good service for printing shipping labels in bulk
  95. Google Analytics e-commerce Code
  96. eShipper integration module by WayToShip. Ship by Fedex, Canada Post, UPS, DHL...
  97. Modified shipping options
  98. Number of items in Bestsellers table
  99. Flash Extra Photos?
  100. Print Wishlist?
  101. JRox Affiliate program integration
  102. User Registration fields
  103. Information table
  104. Adding background.
  105. PHP to include specific product images on their specific pages
  106. 00 - FIX - Admin Tabs Messed Up
  107. Bilingual website
  108. Capture and email account info upon order submission
  109. Multi Emails in Vendor Emails
  110. Need a kits feature
  111. Do you want to Change the 'View Cart' link to a 'View Cart' button
  112. Quantity
  113. SunShop Customizer
  114. Editing top nav bar
  115. ASP License
  116. webmaster/sunshop expert wanted
  117. Vendor Emails
  118. Static HTML page instead of PHP
  119. New Account Sign-Up eMail Notification
  120. Shop Width Problem
  121. need someone to do small mods to our cart
  122. setting items unorderable
  123. Modify Import/Export
  124. expire cart when session ends
  125. run updatecart function when user clicks on checkout
  126. Sunshop Guru for hire?
  127. Subcategories in Menu
  128. Add Products to SITEMAP.
  129. Ability to upload image at time of purchase
  130. Addition to product files to allow products files to be displayed
  131. Dynamic Price Change via Options for Multiple Instances of Price
  132. Add Custom Product Detail Templates by Product
  133. Improved Manufacturers
  134. Attributes as Specification in Tab and Group Titles
  135. Atomic_Fitness.Com Header Help
  136. Language HTML File Snippets
  137. From Tile To List when Customer uses Sort By
  138. Product List Options by Category
  139. Using IF statement for two variables
  140. Featured Products on main_index
  141. Printer Friendly Pages
  142. Will pay for modification
  143. Page_Welcome on Every Page (requested)
  144. Vertical Center Odd Height Images in Tile Lists
  145. Sunshop to CPG Nuke block
  146. Discounts - make per item?
  147. Scroll Bars for Detail Pop-up
  148. Request - How to call language pack with php?
  149. Login/Logout Buttons
  150. Site Map Export...
  151. MOD: Admin Quick Products v1 (Ajax)
  152. Integrate HTML template - Will Pay
  153. Login Welcome "username"
  154. MOD: Admin Themes
  155. MOD: Admin Quick Categories v1 (Ajax)
  156. Need Help Modifying Sunshop to Use on Listing Site
  157. MOD: Admin Quick Transactions v1
  158. Show total number of products in cart?
  159. iDevAffiliate Commission Payouts by subtotal NOT total
  160. Web site devloper needed midwest
  161. MOD: How Did You Hear About Us - During Checkout
  162. 3 Convenient Ways To Pay...
  163. Reigstration and Login boxes on non-sunshop pages
  164. How to remove Tell a Friend tab from the product detail page?
  165. How to Add registration field "Tax ID" and make it required?
  166. Tax override for local pickup shipping option
  167. Yahoo Conversion Tracking...
  168. Admin Serach Transactions by Comapny
  169. MOD: Override Settings
  170. MOD: Meta Helper
  171. Adding a Custom 404 Page
  172. Custom Fields
  173. This week I am concentrating on SEO come see what is beign done.
  174. KeyPhrase IDs for Products, Categories and Manufacturers
  175. MOD: Discounts, Coupons and other Group All/Default Problems Fix
  176. MOD: Add Buy Rate for Products
  177. Add Your Own Custom Fields to Checkout and Signup
  178. adding "conversion" to sunshop in Google Analytics
  179. How to add the number of reviews
  180. Will pay for modification
  181. Custom Order Fields 4.1.6
  182. Turbo Charge Your SunShop - A page load performance Mod
  183. Seeking developer support
  184. SunShop as a rental cart like Netflix an others
  185. New Products on Home Page Mod
  186. product combinations
  187. Mod: Apply Coupon Name to Printable Invoice/Packing Slip
  188. Dynamic Left Menu
  189. Adding Checkbox to Contact Us page
  190. Compare changes Program
  191. Adding Drop Down Table to Contact Us Page
  192. Add Customer Phone Number to Contact Us
  193. Need a Mod to discount
  194. More option customize 'Check Box' coloumn
  195. Need a Mod to allow 1/2 quantities
  196. Developer Documentation
  197. Sunshop in two languages
  198. Multilanguage Mod (2 languages for now)
  199. MOD: Custom Tab
  200. Fractional to some, not all products
  201. Product URL list
  202. How do i do this or is it a modification?
  203. MOD: Gzip
  204. MOD: Product "Buy Now" Link (For External Linking)
  205. How do I stick in a custom banner
  206. remove the price option
  207. [Request} Packing list in Vendor Email
  208. Adding White Space
  209. Product Options
  210. Showing related products in regular section not tab
  211. Using Custom Fields
  212. Calling variables on any page
  213. How to edit $product[cookie_crumb]
  214. Generate HTML and Sitemap Automation?
  215. Customers Make Typos In Search Box.......
  216. Record Customer's Search Terms
  217. Top 10 customers + Top 10 products of the month
  218. Adding Text
  219. MOD: Display In-Stock / Out of Stock instead of the Quantity
  220. Vendors Email We......
  221. Question about PayPal Payment Pro
  222. Add phone number of customer 4 email confirm
  223. Price not showing up exactly as I like
  224. MOD: Admin Quick Tools
  225. Implementing BuySafe with SunShop
  226. Changing theme with URL
  227. Featured Categories - how does it work?
  228. Packing List Missing?
  229. Mod: Improved Category Menu
  230. Paypal Capturing Payments
  231. Quick help with custom templates
  232. How would I insert a banner
  233. Adding Order Comments to Packing Slip
  234. MOD: Group Based Price or Text
  235. How to add tiled products (such as the featured products box) to a failed search
  236. MOD: display quanity instead of "that many" stock error message
  237. MOD: Banners for SunShop (Minor CMS)
  238. request: update plug n pay module
  239. Custom wholesale price field in products db
  240. Shipping Weight on Packing List
  241. Change packing list to show full name of country instead of abbreviation
  242. Is there a way to add meta keywords and meta description to information pages?
  243. Help with Shopping Cart - Need help to Mod
  244. MOD: Send order notification to multiple e-mail addresses
  245. Customize Invoice Questions
  246. Category Dropdown menu
  247. Where to plug in JS
  248. Extra Box in listing products in Tile
  249. template function
  250. Changing spelling of Payment method 'Check' to 'Cheque'