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  1. NiceEdit Advanced Editor
  2. space inbetween boxes
  3. Free Item with Purchase
  4. Add a background
  5. Categories Hover
  6. how to change company name FONT SIZE on packing list or print
  7. Header Size?
  8. Adding Side Images to New Shop Modern_Black
  9. change all prices at once
  10. Need mod -- email order attachments to vendors
  11. How to add section to left side directory?
  12. Total Weight at Checkout
  13. Free Shipping
  14. 2 Suggestions for the Admin Interface
  15. Add links to main bar menu
  16. Add a note with shipped note
  17. Subcatagories Nav Bar - Expand On click
  18. MOD: Australian GST Compliant.
  19. SunShop New Plugin System
  20. Overall categories page
  21. Calling php script from template
  22. Make variables available to more templates
  23. Unique home page layout
  24. Custom category list display
  25. Free Shipping For US, Calculated for International
  26. Change image size
  27. MAESTRO for the UK
  28. Custom Fields
  29. statcounter - putting a counter on unsecured pages only
  30. Request: Shipment tracking #
  31. Sub-cat Images
  32. Reports on Products with Options...
  33. Comma in Tousands (price)
  34. Works under Firefox, but funky un IE7
  35. Limiting Payment Methods by Customer Group
  36. MOD: Autofill Parent Categories from Children Categories
  37. paypal payflow pro
  38. Designer Needed
  39. SS Mod Service needed
  40. Color of Attribute Title and Text
  41. custom pages meta tags and meta descriptions
  42. Simplify cart content table
  43. UPS Tracking Code in Order Confirmation Email
  44. Ss_orders_products
  45. Strecthing Modern theme
  46. Adding animation to the welcome screen
  47. Attribute Search
  48. Please Help....Trying to move flash around page
  49. Thoroughly Stumped! Footer Issue
  50. License information for digital products
  51. Full State Name
  52. Need the variables for packing list
  53. country specific site
  54. New Mods and Mod updates for 4.1.9+
  55. Google Checkout Button
  56. Integrate with Mambo?
  57. Additional Product Images
  58. Block image or make it secure
  59. File Upload Option Field
  60. Admin Quick Tools version 1.2 Released
  61. Out of Stock
  62. Default State
  63. Question for Chris
  64. Quotations
  65. Out of stock Mod
  66. ECheck Payment Module
  67. PayPal Subscription
  68. how to call sunshop items for my main index page?
  69. How to add MPN Attribute to the Packing List
  70. Flash in SunShop
  71. need to make sunshop work on shipworks
  72. Google Checkout Links
  73. generating html pages outside of the catalog folder
  74. Edit saved carts
  75. E-Commerce tracking codes
  76. displaying categories inside a dropdown list (like sunshop does for manufacturers)
  77. Shared Code Base
  78. Text box with Other
  79. News Letter
  80. enforce a shipping choice other than default
  81. Creating a terms and conditions notice before checkout
  82. 2 Column Product Listing
  83. Mod to Keep First Class at a Specified Rate
  84. MOD: Restock items when transaction deleted
  85. Showing different text for different user groups
  86. Best technique for adding non-sunshop php to sunshop?
  87. Google Analytics Goal Tracking of Add to cart
  88. pepperjam affiliate tracking code don't work in sunshop 4.xx
  89. Change GST to inclusive
  90. Make Offer option
  91. Subcategories In Include
  92. Easy One, changing backround color for transactions page
  93. Hire Someone to Customize New Sunshop Cart
  94. Money For Help
  95. Items Per Page - add a drop down menu w/more options for maximum displayed per page?
  96. Customers lacking zip/postal codes can't check out
  97. is there tool to find best sellers and how many have sold of each?
  98. Verified By Visa Matercard SecureCode
  99. Timout in Admin
  100. money order or check email letting buyer know where to send payment
  101. Categories/Subcategories in Version 4.2
  102. Is Post Affilaite Pro 4 Supported
  103. What is the best way to add Size?
  104. Alignment Question
  105. Adding Title to Created Template on Home page
  106. How to add Referral ID from Post Affiliate to order print out?
  107. HELP! Item Labels way off in Google Chrome but ok in IE and Firefox???
  108. Dynamic Dropdown Options
  109. Access session outside of cart?
  110. I want to add my own Admin News
  111. Shipping Estimator showing International addresses
  112. Which Template?
  113. Change "Our Price" to "Price"
  114. Group Message
  115. Adding to Main Nav Menu
  116. Reward points on packing list
  117. Adding number of images on the Photos tab
  118. Google Analytics - Goal Tracking - Completed Sales w/funnel
  119. Changing the item URL to include SKU
  120. Problems with Sunshop and Internet Explorer
  121. Subcategory picture size
  122. need to view Sales by Product
  123. Increasing FedEx Returned Rates?
  124. Frontpage with One Featured Item
  125. How to turn off/disable Rewards system for now?
  126. Remove "Outside US" results on Shipping Estimate?
  127. Where to edit Welcome Text?
  128. Disable manufactures pull down
  129. Content Slider Script For Welcome Page
  130. Shopzilla Performance Tracking Code
  131. "about us"
  132. Format issues
  133. Help integrating php code
  134. New Version of SunShop
  135. PHP intigration into dispcription
  136. Reorder Shipping Methods
  137. Conversion code to Shopping Thank you page
  138. Increasing Product Prices sitewide with a Query
  139. supposed to be easy - modification help
  140. How to add custom order fields to confirmation e-mail?
  141. Add description to New Products Category
  142. Adding SKU and Manufacturer to the reseller_notify and order_confirmation emails
  143. How to display categories instead of featured products on main page?
  144. Product Count in Sub-Categories?
  145. H2 headings
  146. What template/file to edit for shopping cart?
  147. Scrolling Testimonial Box
  148. Customer Uploads for products
  149. Change the width of the site?
  150. Where do you edit variables like $manufacturers[list] ?
  151. change number of bestseller items shown
  152. List Products Template
  153. Push Product To Ebay
  154. What is the page_message_output.html
  155. Nextag
  156. Making font variable
  157. Need help with customizing graphics
  158. SunShop Pro Needed For Hire
  159. Shop Logo Custom_One Theme
  160. link directly to detail page???
  161. Buy 5, get sixth free.
  162. "New Item" Graphic
  163. Admin Theme
  164. Which template file?
  165. Double Header
  166. Modify checkout to hide left and right columns
  167. Importing csv in sunshop 4.2.0
  168. Mega Menus in SunShop?
  169. Removing New Products, Specials, Featured, Bestsellers
  170. Change Shipping Display Options?
  171. new layout for modern black theme
  172. adding timestamp field to products table
  173. Product defined shipping - can shipping be shown in cart?
  174. Show subcategories in categories navigation
  175. Custom Orders Fields - Only to Customers from Certain Areas
  176. Google Adsense Custom Search - how?
  177. Code for manual display of Category totals?
  178. categories order on home page
  179. option drop down box length
  180. Skip Details section of Cart Process
  181. Teach Me
  182. quick question for high volume sellers...
  183. Ninja - when is your site going to be back up?
  184. Remove Large Product Image?
  185. new year - reset my cool revenue graph to nothing
  186. Optionally Display Text
  187. Adding Custom Field in "add products"
  188. Adding custom banner to category page body
  189. Adding a question to checkout process.
  190. Categories on Homepage - How?
  191. Shipping Varaible -- Where is $from_city, $from_state etc.. declared at?
  192. Keep Prices "Fixed" once in cart
  193. Limiting Sales to the USA only
  194. new plugin creation?
  195. Need Integration Work
  196. adsense and secure pages
  197. turning on error reporting
  198. Inserting Complex HTML Into a Template
  199. Post Affiliate Pro or iDevAffiliate ?
  200. Calculate price when Product Details page loads
  201. Cart Abandonment
  202. New custom templates
  203. Integrating sunshop with drupal
  204. Change PayPal Logo
  205. Can I add Pictures to Options in a Dropdown menu?
  206. Public Comments on Order Status Email
  207. Disable Shipping Address Field
  208. Create my own Order ID (oid)
  209. Looking for source of shipping carrier text
  210. Bulk Cloning for Categories and Products
  211. Add products to Categories Easier
  212. Sunshop + T-Hub + Quickbooks (Merchant/Payment Processor Question)
  213. Reorder payment methods display
  214. HTML fooler for Alphabetized products
  215. Adding Company Logo/Image to Packing List
  216. How do I include OPTION SKU on customer and order emails
  217. Mobile Page?!?
  218. Change Welcome Message
  219. custom order form / miscellaneous product
  220. Looking for Sunshop Developer
  221. Discrepancy on the Subtotal
  222. Run a plugin on certain categories only?
  223. Custom One Theme in Internet Explorer
  224. Where to modify
  225. Detail image border and thumbnail border problem. Any Suggestions? SS 4.2.2
  226. Joomla and Sunshop
  227. Add New Payment Method?
  228. SEO Friendly URL's
  229. You Tube Embedded Code & CSV File
  230. How do I add a Suppliers Logo to a Product?
  231. How do I change the background color of the "search" bar??
  232. Dynamic Google Adword Conversion Code
  233. New MasterCard and Discover Processing Requirements
  234. Hide Add to Cart button unless Logged in?
  235. Adding new field to item creation page
  236. Mandatory User/Login Creation?
  237. Post Affilate Pro - Anyone using it?
  238. adding to cart and viewing cart content from external site
  239. plugins or modules forums
  240. Looking to contract with someone for SunShop customizations
  241. Keyphrase ID Mod for Version 4.2.2?
  242. Change DropDown Menu to Select Menu?
  243. Want to add more pages in Sunshop Site ?
  244. # Question about importing order history from another program
  245. Delete the following code from the product description page?
  246. Sunshop RSS Feed
  247. Order Comments getting missed
  248. Checkout and Quick Checkout
  249. Additional Product Images
  250. Modify look of website; please respond!