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  1. Multiple breadcrumb trails
  2. Shipping Markup How to...
  3. E-mail Drop Ship Vendor
  4. Send buyer note with order email
  5. Shipping estimator for US and Canada
  6. Sort list by Top Rated
  7. Adding XML Feeds to your website
  8. Coupon Codes - Could I set it to accept any number?
  9. contact us form with attachments
  10. New Layout Urgent Issues
  11. Add a new table
  12. Installing flash on home page
  13. Main keywords are "sku" and "price" - Gee I wonder why...
  14. Right-click on enlarged pop-up images from SunShop to "Copy Image Location"?
  15. MOD rqst - 2 step checkout
  16. Invoice to be sent to wholesalers
  17. Product Details - help
  18. Can I Hide the Downloads Tab?
  19. no-cache in scripts can we delete it?
  20. Forcing a User to Login to View Select Pages
  21. Adding Registered Users Email from Database to Link on Page
  22. How did you hear about us? option - Any ideas?
  23. Changing Text in Product Page
  24. Show Only Certain Credit Cards to be accepted
  25. Add Newsletter Signup box to separate page on website
  26. SEO URL's without generating HTML - Code is different than what the instructions say.
  27. Link to Order Status
  28. Need some Custom Programming
  29. Novice help for some SS design changes
  30. SS Development Work Required....
  31. Super easy Iphone app maker - www.appmakr.com -Does Shop Buddy have a RSS id in FB?
  32. Changing the size (width) of the modern red template
  33. Browser-stamp for each order placed?
  34. How to change time zone?
  35. Fully Custom Site from Scratch
  36. Show Featured product feed on custom page
  37. TOP SEARCHES Modfication
  38. How to
  39. Supressing the logo image in admin
  40. How to remove "(ADD $XX.XX)" from options drop down
  41. How to replace orange button
  42. Custom Work for Mod that Does Not Work Anymore after Upgrading to New Version
  43. How do I limit access to the website only to registered customers?
  44. Exploded Category and Subcategory Display using Site Map Function
  45. adding "Welcome [USERNAME] to pages when user is logged in.
  46. would like to have 'viewable' option turn off automatically when inventory hits zero
  47. Plugin Parameters
  48. Product Feed in UTF-8
  49. Create a new tab option in the product detail page. HELP
  50. How do I require user account creation at checkout?
  51. Just migrated from Zen, first impressions and a little help required (notifications)
  52. Get pending rewards
  53. Buy one get other one is free - Customization. - hlp plz,
  54. Different Payment Methods based on Region
  55. Looking for a retail store locator / map
  56. Site Info or Site map in Serene_green
  57. Button to remove product from GoogleBase or other Product Feeds?
  58. Large download files not working? Here is my fix
  59. Flyout CSS rollovers for menu subcategories
  60. Includes inside Product Details?
  61. Sunshop and iFrames
  62. How to display total quantity of items / products in cart?
  63. Manufacturer links to product category
  64. Auto fill a purchase order field using customer's information filled out in billing
  65. Different homepage design with featured products
  66. options appearing as you update product quantity
  67. Does anyone have the ability to program a new credit card processor module?
  68. Category headings
  69. Show Logged in user
  70. Mobile Ready
  71. Sort List Customization
  72. Remove manufacturer
  73. Automate UPS tracking codes
  74. Center sub-categories on the page
  75. Selection drop down menu on a specific product item.
  76. Shipworks V3
  77. Adding Best Sellers and New Products in Main Page
  78. What is the best way to install a favicon browser corner icon on SS?
  79. Display product code (SKU)
  80. How to move sitemap and Shopping cart buttons to the top right?
  81. File Upload field for customizable products?
  82. How to set up shipping
  83. Make Product Category Results ALSO Appear on Different page
  84. Not displaying shipping cost
  85. Custom Page and posting/getting data
  86. Check box for reward points on check out
  87. Can we assign more than one category to one product?
  88. need custom shipping override triggered by weight
  89. Removing Bullets on the Category listing
  90. How to remove Zip code and States from Shipping Info
  91. Manual process credit cards?
  92. Add additional e-mails for different forms?
  93. Newbie needing popup help Please
  94. prototip not working with SunShop
  95. Change attributes on categories that appear on side bar
  96. Designer needed to fix/create new website
  97. Duplicate the Contact Us form on a separate templete.
  98. Hide Sub Category if no items in stock??
  99. how to add a new search function to my site
  100. USPS autofill
  101. How do I use the custom order fields in Areas section of the shopping cart?
  102. Using lightbox for more than just images
  103. Anybody using Advanta T-hub
  104. Spanish Translation for the lang file
  105. Change the text "Add to cart to see price"
  106. Buyer beware - sunshoptemplates.com / com1usa
  107. how to widen custom one template
  108. password reset needs userid as well
  109. Edit Subcategory width
  110. email field in contact form
  111. Category : Special
  112. How do I make the Product Options radio buttons format one option per line?
  113. Where in the stylesheet can you change the font size of the radio buttons
  114. Adding Facebook Like Button to Products
  115. Customization and Mod of Sunshop
  116. $index[main_content]
  117. How to make the subcategory pages list look better
  118. Move search bar to above content region
  119. sub category pop up feature
  120. mods
  121. Add price to textbox-based product options
  122. Anybody done (or want to) a plugin for WordPress?
  123. adding link to products
  124. How to show a Title for the "Featured" or "New Products" Page?
  125. Customize display of product options
  126. Welcome Picture,
  127. Odrer numbers change
  128. Checkout flow modification by developer possible?
  129. Customize Related product display
  130. Additional charge per ORDER not per ITEM?
  131. Code avaialble for the quick/mass changing that NinjaTech did?
  132. Multiple Email Order Notification Recipients
  133. How to add or edit the current stock banner
  134. Main/Front page help please
  135. View cart options
  136. styling button of current page
  137. Facebook
  138. Product tabs styling
  139. Blog Module
  140. SKU in order email?
  141. table cart contents
  142. displaying shipping method on the cart view page
  143. Adding a sub-category link to a non-product template?
  144. Adding shipping insurance
  145. Upload file not required
  146. QR Codes and Special Pricing Pages
  147. Insert Cart Contents table
  148. popup link to a page
  149. Featured products separate categorys
  150. Unavailable Product Options
  151. How do you make the header image link to the homepage?
  152. Change default to checked on account sign up news checkbox
  153. Purchase from external page
  154. How can I force user to select options before adding product to cart?
  155. Where to change text "Out of Stock" to custom message
  156. Image pop-up on page load
  157. Buy at least this amount and get this product free
  158. newsletter questions
  159. Plugin Initialization Parameters
  160. Page Numbering Not Working Properly
  161. main_content top Margin is More Than Product Page Top. Help?
  162. Add recaptcha to account_customer_signup.html
  163. Sales Tax mod/plugin For Australia
  164. Groups discount + %
  165. recaptcha plugin install?
  166. Google Base feed is no longer valid and needs to be updated
  167. Code to modify Advanced Search so customer can limit search by a specific attribute
  168. DisplayingTax Inclusive Prices
  169. Image Slider on Product Details Page
  170. Plug-ins
  171. Sale Items View
  172. Product options with different prices
  173. Custom modern black theme template with three columns
  174. Custom Admin Theme
  175. SKU in email confirmation
  176. Meta Tags
  177. Printing a Gift Registry
  178. Add php code to main_index page
  179. Need a CCBill dynamic pricing payment module
  180. How can I auto redirect them to paypal.com to pay?
  181. Cats or Subcats on Manufacturers Page
  182. Site Map & Shopping Cart Nav Bar
  183. Module customization in Admin
  184. Bongo International: Ever worked with it?
  185. UPS Shipping Cost Estimator: How to make US only?
  186. Email for pricing?
  187. Quick Order
  188. Does the free directory submission sites are effective?
  189. Category Images?
  190. Link Manufacturers to a Category
  191. How to remove items like Manufacturers, Best Sellers, etc.
  192. How to Remove Price on Category page?
  193. Change Product Image Shown When Option Selected
  194. Turn off products by vendor
  195. UPS Shipping charges with minimum?
  196. Addin manufacturers to top navigation
  197. Customization How-To's Moved!
  198. Absolute vs. Relative Price Options?
  199. change default shipping method
  200. double entry and comparison matching of email addresses
  201. Do blogs help with Google SEO?
  202. modifications to allow multiple shiping options
  203. How to place this in my Product Description?
  204. admin login change
  205. Need Help With Drop Down Menus
  206. How do I allow the product weight and dimensions to show on product details page?
  207. ochado language mod
  208. Paypal Advanced
  209. Add additional product details and edit global.php
  210. Contact form file up load
  211. Turn off advance search if not loged in
  212. Will Sunshop support Google Trusted Store program?
  213. Custom Image/Header For Each Category
  214. Using jQuery & Lightbox
  215. categories in top menu with drop down subcats
  216. Remove Total Dollars from Packing List
  217. google trusted stores help
  218. Password encryption
  219. USPS Shipping Question
  220. Adding Canonical URL Link
  221. ImageResize Class that preseves transparency
  222. Creating SEO URL's without generating HTML pages
  223. Alter Field Names on Product Details Pages
  224. Have a specific product appear at the top of the Featured Products list
  225. Shipping Estimator with Local Pickup?
  226. How to Customise the Featured Products
  227. options and digital downloads
  228. Plugin Creation Documentation?
  229. Hide Left Column on some pages
  230. Additional "Sort by" items
  231. Can we change the default urls for the Sunshop Admin, InterWorx cpanel and webmail?
  232. Order numbers on notification emails
  233. Maximum Box Weight?
  234. clone options across products?
  235. Anyway to change when PayPal Advanced page shows up
  236. Customize Sunshop Theme to look like my website
  237. Buy One get one 1/2 price when products are different prices?
  238. CRM - Customer Relations Management?
  239. Reports on Custom Fields - "How did you hear about us"
  240. Implementing Google Conversion Value
  241. Order more than one item at a time?
  242. How to add a single setup charge per SKU ordered (not per item qty)
  243. Customer email and subtotal on order completion page
  244. Intuit/Quickbooks Payment Module
  245. All Categories Page
  246. Different home page footer
  247. Adding non-required fields to contact form
  248. Customizing Options
  249. e-mail notice
  250. Blog functionality