Can Sunshop satisfy this need?:

Calculate freight shipping. We know the cart supports Fedex, USPS, UPS out of the box for normal packages. However for heavy packages we need a special module to connect to Freight Center and calculate freight charges. These charges must consider the weight, qty, and other item features (odd size, etc.) to get proper freight rates. These rates must then be shown to the customer at checkout. This module must interact with the cart, existing shipping modules, and work seamlessly. Freight requires very special info to calculate, please review for more details. Finally, the freight settings must be configurable in the back office of the shopping cart software. Meaning, we need to be able to setup any connection to freight center, and set how the module is triggered (by SKU, by weight, etc.). A single item may weigh 500 lbs and require freight, or 1000 5 lb items may require freight. The freight may also ship from multiple warehouses, and therefore you may need to calculate freight from one origin to the shipping address; and on the same order need to calculate another shipment from another warehouse origin to the same destination address. Multiple items would need to be combined if the ship from and to the same address.