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    problem with godaddy hosting... any fix for it w/o switching to diff hosting company?

    I've been using SS on godaddy hosting for a while now.
    There were times that the site loaded very quickly but most of times, the site loading time is very very slow.
    I then, switched to 4GH (grid hosting) by hoping that it reduces the site loading time.
    Well, it worked fine for first week or so but now, site loading time is almost as slow as before going for 4GH.

    Now, I'm thinking about moving to Virtual dedicated server as the godaddy customer support said that it would be much much faster.
    However, since he mentioned that enable 'cache plug-in' would fasten things up even without chaing to dedicated virtual server.

    My question is....
    1. Do we have an option to enable 'cache plug-in' in SS software?
    2. Is there anyone using godaddy hosting and have same issues?
    3. Is changing to different hosting company (such as hostgator, bluehost) fairly easy to do? and possibly with no website downtime?
    4. Do you guys think that staying with godaddy and changing to virtual dedicated server would be better idea?

    Sorry about many questions. I have no other places to ask for these Q's.
    Thanks for your time and possible advice.

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    Companies like GoDaddy put thousands of sites on a single box. I would switch to a smaller hosting company that doesn't tax their servers to the max.
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    Go Daddy is a big no no for us. Try blue host with fast cpu hosting. Works pretty well.

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    Moving over to a new host (Bluehost is definitely recommended) would probably be your best bet at this point, yes. Godaddy is great for registering your domain, but not so good for hosting your eCommerce business.

    Moving your store over isn't too bad. In fact, there's a tutorial on it in the Knowledgebase that I wrote a while back:

    That should help you out.

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