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    SQL Injection Protection Escaping Queries

    What has SunShop done in the latest release to protect against SQL injections?

    Looking at the latest source code from SunShop. I'm not impressed with the direct calls to Globals in SQL queries. For example:
    Line 478 in global.php:
    PHP Code:
                $prod $DB_site->query_first("SELECT * FROM `".$dbprefix."orders_products` where `orderid`='".$_GET[oid]."' AND `productid`='".$_GET[pid]."'"); 
    Hrm, maybe we are escaping the queries in query_first()... Nope.
    PHP Code:
        function query_first($query_string) {
    $query_id $this->query($query_string);
    $returnarray $this->fetch_assoc($query_id$query_string);
    So the million dollar question is: What is keeping an attacker from using this to their advantage?

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    All variables are cleaned in the libsecure.php file before that are used in any of the code. The libsecure.php is the first file called so everything passes through that file.
    Chris Talavera
    Turnkey Web Tools, Inc.

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