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    Is there Options Options Pricing Capability?

    I have a question regarding Options capability of a product.

    Lets say I sell baseball caps. And lets say I have the option of embroidering a name on the cap of customers choice. But this option isn't free it costs.

    Does Sun Shop have the capability to add a fee to the product price if they customer selects that option?

    For example the baseball cap is $10, optional embroidering is $5.50 if the customer requests embroidering the toal of the sale in this example would be $15.50. Is this possible in SunShop?

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    Yes, all product options with the exception of text fields and text areas can have addon pricing. You can simply add a dropdown with an addon price for the embroidery option and then put the fields they need to enter as text fields right below.
    Chris Talavera
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