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    Priority Mail "1 Day, 2 Day, 3 Day" how to turn it off!

    I have A LOT of customers complaining that they paid for "1 Day" or "2 Day" shipping via USPS Priority Mail. I have to explain to them that the USPS only offers Priority Mail, and there is no guarantee. They must be getting confused with UPS. The problem is since the USPS changed the flat rates a few months back, when a customer enters their Zip Code, they are given the option of UPS or USPS and the USPS now adds how many days it is going to be. It is a blatant lie on their part, and it is giving us a black eye. We usually ship the same day, and the "1 Day, 2 Day" begins when "Electronic Shipping Information Received" shows on the tracking. That is usually a day or two AFTER the package has left here. So yes, a blatant lie. We had one customer that it took 11 days for him to receive his order that we shipped the same day, and his e mail to us said "I paid for 2 Day shipping". In reality he just paid for Priority Mail.

    Is there anyway to turn off how many days it is alledgely going to take? I just want it to say "Proirity Mail, like it did with the old USPS module.

    I can't be the only one with this problem.



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    I haven't heard of this issue, but my guess is that you'd have to modify the code to turn if off. You'd have to strip out the extra info coming back from USPS before showing it on the site.

    Jim Roberts
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    It's infuriating, isn't it? I have had the same problem. One customer demanded her shipping fee refunded when her "2-day shipping" took 8 days. I would greatly appreciate good concise instructions on how to suppress that text in the shipping rates.
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    Those days are being returned by USPS and are meant to by estimates on travel time. You can remove them with PHP code but we cannot assist on doing this. This is something they started doing with the last updates.
    Chris Talavera
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    Hi all,

    I could do this for anyone who needs it, but would have to charge something for it. Mostly likely it'd be in the USPS module, which you'd have to maintain through future upgrades.

    Jim Roberts
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    Maybe a fix?

    Having the same complaints from my client and after hearing back from Chris that it was a "fix it yourself" issue I saw the post here and that no one had an option so I took some time to stare at the coding.

    I was able to go into the global.php file in the root directory and go to line 1505 and add in a php replace.

    PHP Code:
    1505 if ($mod != '[LOCAL]') { $add $cart->realtime_override(); $local_only 0; } else { $add 0; }
    1506 $shipping[values] .= template('misc_option_select.html', array('option' => array('value' => $k.'-> '.p($v+$addfalse), 'name' => '('.p($v+$add).') - '.$k))); 
    Now is:
    PHP Code:
    1505 if ($mod != '[LOCAL]') { $add $cart->realtime_override(); $local_only 0; } else { $add 0; }
    1506 $k str_replace(array('1-Day','2-Day','3-Day'), ''$k);
    1507 $shipping[values] .= template('misc_option_select.html', array('option' => array('value' => $k.'-> '.p($v+$addfalse), 'name' => '('.p($v+$add).') - '.$k))); 
    This will simply remove any 1-Day, 2-Day, or 3-Day from the returned value and leave it blank. I just implemented this about 20 mins ago and after some testing it seems to work ok so far. Feel free to test it out and let me know how it works.

    If this works for you make sure to make a "change log" note someplace as I'm sure every update you'll need to go back in and make the change.

    Hope that helps.

    I should add this is only for the real time shipping estimate during check out right now. I've not yet dug into see how this reflects onto the final receipt and so on. I'll need to see actual orders process through for that.
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