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    Moneris Payment options


    I have a client wanting to set up "Moneris" for their payment gateway. In Sunshop 4.4.2, I see 4 Moneris options:

    - Moneris e-Select Plus (Hosted Canada)

    - Moneris e-Select Plus (Hosted US)

    - Moneris e-Select Plus (US)

    - Moneris e-Select Plus (CA)

    My question is - what's the difference between these? I couldn't find docs on it. Does a different module get called depending whether the customer has a CA address vs. US? Or does that have to do with where the merchant is located?

    Jim Roberts
    Roberts WebForge, Inc.

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    It is where the merchant is located. And difference between hosted and non hosted is that hosted takes the buyer off their site to pay.
    Chris Talavera
    Turnkey Web Tools, Inc.

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