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    Talking Installing the newest Sunshop responsive theme with new hosting?

    I have a novice question and I appreciate any help.

    I am a few versions back on my Sunshop modern red theme that I have been using for years with a top business Hostgator account that at one time was actually a recommended host for this software. Due to extensive issues over the last year with that host I have decided to move on to one of the current recommended ones.

    I wanted to know if there was a way I could maintain my SS site currently running with Hostgator while at the same time setting up the newer Sunshop version on the new host server with the same license and domain name. I was hoping I could set up, transfer database, etc and design the newest responsive theme with the new host, and then just change the DNS to point to the new server and then have my SS license changed to the new IP. I thought this would be an easy way for me to upgrade versions of SS while getting rid of poor hosting and get a responsive theme going with a simple DNS change but....

    When I was looking at the installation guidelines it seems I may have some issues (licensing, etc) with this method so I wanted to reach out and see if I could get some advice.

    Thanks for any help!

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    Sorry, I can't answer your question, but I can't resist echoing how much Hostgator sucks. I lasted less than a month there before they started throttling my account, claiming that Sunshop was using too many server resources.

    If you haven't chosen a new host yet, I recommend MDD Hosting. I've been there for a few years now and uptime is pretty near 100% with good support.

    Good luck with your move. It sounds like a smart plan if it's feasible.
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    Sorry for the late reply. To answer your question, yes you can move the site onto a new server using the same domain. Generally this is not recommended because there is bound to be a difference in data while the DNS switches over. The best thing to do usually is just move the the site, turn off the old site or set a temp message and then switch the DNS. That way people see the message if they are pointed to the old site until their DNS updates.
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