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    I would like some opinions on going with VPS hosting

    I have had so many issues with my Sunshop on Hostgator and I will be leaving them when my business account expires shortly.

    I was thinking of possibly going with one of the recommended hosts but maybe going for the upgraded VPS plans and I am looking for the pros and cons. The VPS would be managed with full support and have cpanel and whm. The specs would be something like 4GB, 60GB SSD storage, 3TB bandwidth and backups.
    I was considering this as I have other sites I can put there as well and put everything together.

    The hosts that were contacted said they had all the requirements for Sunshop on the VPS, and stated it should run even faster with these improved resources.

    I would appreciate any opinions on making this switch.


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    I would say it depends on the host. As you've found out, not all hosts are great.
    DianeV Web Design Studio in Reno/Sparks, Nevada

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    VPS hosting

    Hi, According to what I read , you can host content on the website through a type of shared hosting like that of VPS. They said that this type uses virtual private servers.

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    Thumbs up Recommended SunShop hosting...

    Hi Titan,

    I made a similar move about 2 months ago. I can highly recommend InMotion Hosting, you can find them at:

    I went with their Power Pro Business account and it does great. I've used them for other clients, and they are also enjoying InMotion. They've been very responsive, and helpful in making the move, and SunShop runs just fine over there. Just make sure you backup/restore using PHPMyAdmin and you'll be fine.

    Here's the link again to InMotion Hosting:

    Let me know if you do decide to go with them.

    Good luck,
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    I host a few dozen Sunshop sites.

    I started with a dedicated server which worked well, but then I switched to a VPS for cost savings. Big mistake. Simply put; not as reliable. So I switched back to a dedicated box and I, and my customers, have not been happier.

    Let me know if you need a host w/robust SunShop-freindly servers.
    Brian Myers
    Dataweb.Pro d/b/a StoreFront.Pro
    Sunshop experts. ASP since 2003. Hosting/Support/Consulting
    Fully hosted plans with SunShop start at just $19/month.

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    Is the dedicated box still the best option? Or has some company come up with a really good VPS hosting solution at this point?

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    Quote Originally Posted by SolHif View Post
    Is the dedicated box still the best option? Or has some company come up with a really good VPS hosting solution at this point?
    There are good VPS solutions out there it just depends on how much resources you wish to pay for. We actually offer VPS solutions now and that can easily support SunShop.
    Chris Talavera
    Turnkey Web Tools, Inc.

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