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    Question Generating HTML Pages


    I tried to generate HTML Pages using the default directory and some pages worked and others did not, I had to go back and delete them to start over.

    If I wanted to generate HTML pages for my entire site, what directory should I use? Or is there something that I'm missing or doing wrong?


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    Can you show an example of what's not working?

    I found the best way for me to do custom pages was (in my hosting company files)
    1. go under the themes folder to the theme you selected and open this folder
    2. copy a page_welcome.html or other page.... then rename page_shipping.html (or whatever you need)
    3. Then go into a simple text editor and input what I'd want on those custom pages.
    4. Lastly you will typically need to insert links to those pages from other pages as well (maybe changing your main page?)

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    html not working even sub directory

    I have the same problem with the sub directory. html is not generate or appear in the url I get 404 error any help would be appreciate. V4.43

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