I have now clicked the Delete button accidentally several times now while going in and out of Order Information and View Transaction pages. It would be nice if there was a confirmation to delete a transaction or at the least move the buttons so it is not directly under the Order Information page's Sub Menu button/menu.

This brings me to my next suggestion. It would be nice if there was a simple Linked List type navigation to go to the next or previous order from the order information page. Currently you view an order and then have to go back out to View transactions to select another order that has no other identifying means say like at least a name. An option that would allow you to display the different order fields in the View Transactions Page like a Customers name would be a great time saver.

The delete transaction above also brings me to another suggestion.. Once a record is accidentally deleted there is no way to recover it or to even simply add an outside sale to the DB manually. It would be nice if re was an easy way to manually add a transaction record or even process an order manually from the admin. I have tried to manually alter the DB but it loads garbage for that transaction so currently the easiest way to process an order is straight through the storefront acting as a customer (if I still have their information that is) after creating a full discount coupon so no CC or Paypal transaction is required.

I would love to see some of these things addressed as it is simple workflow stuff. At this point I would even welcome an easy way to move the delete button from the order information page so there is nothing under the sub-menu menu as a quick fix.