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    Product list

    I think it's very important to have the option of listing products in a menu drop down or categories list.
    So, if this could be added, it'd be good. Right now, we have custom code to do it.

    Also, in the admin backend, there is a check for an existing username (duplicate) while adding a user, but not while updating an existing user's username. Even while updating a username, the check for an existing username/id should be done.
    Again, we use custom code for this.

    I'll be happy to share the code with anyone.

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    Building a site for a manufacturer. The manufacturer will only have a handful of products initially, and it's more user friendly to have direct access to a product. So, on the dropdown menu, we coded this in the table_information_html file under the Bigshop theme:

    <a href="http://yoursite/index.php?l=product_list&m=1">Products</a>
    <li><a class="nochild active" href="$settings[shopurl]index.php?l=product_detail&p=1">Product Name</a>
    This allows all the products to be displayed if a user clicks on the 'Products' menu option, otherwise the dropdown will contain the individual products. The dropdown options will be automated via php code once they get a few more products, but for now, hardcoding was simpler.
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    Custom function

    We created a custom function in global.php to automatically load a list/links of all the products in all the categories, I think we used the Categories listing as a guideline.

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