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    Question Cron job for update currency?

    I'd like to set a cron job to run every night to update the currency settings.

    It's easy enough to figure out the script action from the URL:

    (URL)/admin/adminindex.php?action=settings&sub=rates&do=update rates

    But not so easy for me to figure out how to execute this as root or as the site user from a command line. A simple call to the URL won't do because that requires an administrative login.

    Has anyone done this? It seems so logical that I'm surprised it isn't already an option within the program - it seems logical that the rates need to be updated regularly and odd that it requires manual action each time.

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    Currently there is no easy way to do this because of the required login. We will get this added to the tracker though as a possible feature.
    Chris Talavera
    Turnkey Web Tools, Inc.

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    Thanks -- if it can't be added as a cron job, I have another suggestion -- maybe the "update currency" feature could be set to be automatically activated on administrative login, or set up as a prominent feature, such as an optional box to check on the login screen, or a prominent button on the admin screen after login. The problem we have is that because the feature is buried in the settings menu, none of our staff who processes orders remembers to do this.

    For now I have created a link in my browser bar to the /admin/adminindex.php?action=settings&sub=rates&do=update rates URL. While I still prefer that the task be automated, I have found that this works better for me -- I still have to log in, but as my browser also pre-fills the login information, this does act as a reminder for me and also speeds up the process. (I click the link, log in -- and then immediately see the update confirmation message).

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