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    Free Shipping

    Hi. We have free shipping after a set amount has been purchased and to calculate we first used promo coupon and that did not work well for customers ordering as they would forget to type the coupon code and so on, then we changed it to discount of set amount and called it Free Shipping but what this does it shows Free shipping $-15.00 and shows shipping $15.00 and logic is this equals to 0 dollars but customers don't do the math and
    only register the shipping and think they have been charged for shipping. Would like to know if it is even possible that when the amount qualifies for free shipping is there a way that no one see's the -15.00 and Shipping 15.00 in view cart and at at check out. Is this possible in sunshop?

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    Did you try using the shipping tables?

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    shipping table

    Not sure how shipping table would help I don't see anywhere that permits the set amount to get free ship

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    With discounts, the shipping methods should simply come out to 0.00 and not deduct anything in the cart or otherwise. If you need assistance with double checking to make sure it is setup correctly, please open a ticket so that we can make sure it is setup properly.
    Chris Talavera
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