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    Question Switching OFF the Opt-In Newsletter Feature

    Is there an out-of-the-box solution to completely switch OFF the ability for Users to Opt-In to the newsletter? Due to numerous delivery issues, we are switching to a dedicated email platform, thereby eliminating Sunshop's built-in newsletter module. I can remove a bunch of code, but I'd rather if there was a virtual ON/OFF switch.

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    What happens when you uninstall the Newsletter Signup plugin?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ccartwright View Post
    What happens when you uninstall the Newsletter Signup plugin?
    The plugin only effects the ss_newsletters_list table, not a 'Users' newsletter preference (yes/no). I feel strongly that the newsletter feature should have an on/off toggle in the settings (very easy to implement).

    For now, I just opened the two account html files that pertain to the newsletter. Not a big deal for me, but others may struggle.

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    Yes, the two lists are separate from each other. One is an opt in for users and one for anyone who signs up.
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