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    Moving to a new server with PHP7...

    We currently have 7 different installations of SunShop on our current server running PHP 5.4 and Sunshop version 4.5.2, and have recently just purchased a new dedicated server that has PHP 7.1 running on it. While I do have the ability to migrate over the SunShop installations (and update them to 4.5.3) to the new server and have it run PHP 5.6 instead of 7.1, I would like to try and do it with 7.1(.)

    The one thing I noticed is that with PHP 7.1, there is no Zend Guard Loader running - just a stripped down Zend Engine. Do I need to have our server admin try and install Zend Guard or will the installation/upgrade to 4.5.3 not require this any more?

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    PHP 7.1 is not yet supported as 7.0 would be the latest that you can run currently. That being said, Zend Guard loader is no longer available for PHP 7+, Instead you will need to install the IonCube loader.
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