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    Best Sellers control


    Sorry if I missed this somewhere but I've searched the forums extensively, searched in Google, and tried looked through the demo and can't find an answer. I did see it as a feature request a very long time ago though so it might have been implemented or someone has found a work around, mod, or plugin.

    Is there any way to change the "Best Sellers" list? I don't have access to the database so I can't even play around with it to see if this can be manipulated in the database or if the best sellers are calculated with each page load. Does deleting sales even change this list?

    I did see that there used to be a bug that caused a best seller to drop off if the item was changed. They mentioned specifically changing the quantity of the item available. I didn't think of bookmarking this at the time, but it occurred to me later that this could be used to change the list although it's not the best solution. Is this issue still present?

    Also, I need this on the front page. I see this is how the demo works but I found a thread from about 6 years ago saying this was complicated to do and didn't really seem to have thorough instructions on how to do it. Is this still the case? That thread is located here:

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