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    30 CIM installs, but throws errors.


    So I'm experimenting with using CIM in order to allow customers to save their credit card numbers. When I go to install the module I get the following fatal PHP error though the module does in fact install:

    PHP Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /home/shopfsc/public_html/development/include/payment/auth_net_cim/authnet_cim.class.php:1) in /home/shopfsc/public_html/development/admin/adminindex.php on line 4565

    Also when I go to try and test paying with this method, the transaction goes through as it should and shows up on, but it does not create a profile within the CIM there. Other than turning it on within and paying the fee, is there anything else I would need to do in order to get this to store the customer's information?

    Ideally I would also like to be able to capture customer payment information (including CC numbers and store them on such that when the customer completes the order on their end, it only authorizes the transaction and we process it via the SunShop admin at a later date. Is something like this possible?


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    Please open a ticket with support to get assistance on this. Thank you.
    Chris Talavera
    Turnkey Web Tools, Inc.

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