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    Future support for Authorize.Net Accept Hosted?

    According to Authorize.Net:

    Authorize.Net Accept Hosted is a mobile-optimized payment form hosted by Authorize.Net that enables developers to use the Authorize.Net API to submit payment transactions, while maintaining SAQ-A level PCI compliance. Developers can redirect customers to the Authorize.Net payment form, or embed the Authorize.Net payment form directly in their own page. Our forms are mobile-optimized and designed to reduce friction in your customer experience. This next-generation solution replaces the previous hosted form, which used our legacy SIM API. For Accept Hosted API reference information, see the API Reference Guide.

    Here's their main page, which includes a visual sample (toward the bottom).


    Sounds like a great payment method add-on, especially for those who need the ease of being SAQ-A compliant. Just a thought.
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    Generally we add processor methods as requested by the customer. If someone is looking to integrate we generally charge a small fee to do it depending on the difficulty. If we think it would be beneficial for many others we normally offer a discount.
    Chris Talavera
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