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    Controlling Which Product Options are Available for Purchase

    We are trying to setup products with size and color options. We can't figure out how to restrict the options available to certain specific combinations. (Maybe we are missing something in the documentation).

    Say we have:
    1 Gray Medium Shirt
    1 White Large Shirt

    We setup the master "Shirt" product. Add an option for Color with Gray & White as selections.
    Add an option for Size with Medium & large as selections.

    We turned on Option Inventory (although we really don't want to track inventory, we are just trying to restrict the choices available. We have to place and inventory number for each 'option selection' so they are available in the dropdowns.

    But how do we keep the customer from being able to purchase a Gray Large shirt or White Medium shirt when those aren't really available?

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    The only way to do that unfortunately would be to combine combinations. Meaning combine:

    1 Gray Medium (Option One)
    1 White Large (Option Two)
    Chris Talavera
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    That doesn't seem very user friendly. Is this something that may be fixed in the near future?

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