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    Question eBay Settings not working


    We are having trouble getting the eBay feature enabled. If there is any documentation, please pass along a link.

    When I go to the eBay settings page, the first thing I am trying to do is click the "Get New Token" button.

    That redirects to the Sandbox page, regardless of whether we have the mode set to "Live" or "Test".

    Instructions: Sign in with your eBay account to link your account to SunShop Shopping Cart (Sandbox)

    When entering the Sign In for our existing ebay account, we get "Oops, that's not a match."

    We also created a eBay developer account, but that also isn't working.

    Can anybody help to get this going?

    Thank you,

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    Can you please open a ticket with support. We would be happy to assist you there further.
    Chris Talavera
    Turnkey Web Tools, Inc.

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