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    Need Programmer for SunShop Data Entry Mod and Database Help

    Hello, I have recently switched from another cart to SunShop. We have about 1000 products each with many 'attributes'. I'd like to change the attributes from something we enter uniquely each time to permanent data entry fields such as Product Description or Product Overview.

    In addition to adding these fixed fields, I'd like to convert the data that is currently in the attributes (table?) to the new fixed fields. I can work on this via an Excel spreadsheet but I need help with the process of extracting the data, (I can rearrange it), and then uploading the data into the new cart.

    And finally, since it takes so long to enter our products via the Add Product forms, I'd like to figure out a way to work with Excel sheets (converted to .csv files) to enter our new data all at once, then upload it.

    We can pay hourly or a flat fee, your choice.


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    Hi Shelley.

    Your best bet is a freelance-type website, such as or At these sites you can post your project and many programmers from all over the world will bid on it. There's a feedback system so you can see which programmers are for real vs. the fly-by-nights (there are many). I have had MANY mods done to Sunshop through these services.

    Another option is to skip the mods and just take advantage of the fact that the Product Overview and Product Description fields can handle HTML code. Instead of just typing in plain text, I have created full-fledged webpages with tables, images, links, bold, underlines, colors, etc. Once I create the webpage I just copy and paste the HTML code into the Product Description box, and now the product page looks customized.

    The Product Overview/Description fields can be imported/exported as part of the product database. SO I'm guessing you could just make your attributes a part of the import.

    But good luck either way.
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    Thanks for the tips, I really appreciate it! I found a great guy to take a look at what we want to do but I think in the end, it's just to complciated to suck all the individual attributes out and attempt to populate them into the main product descriptions. The problem is that the attributes are labeled uniquely each time they are entered so there is no good way to write a query to post them into the product tables, I think

    Now, if someone could tell me how to CLONE attributes, we'd actually cut our data entry in half becaue each product is duplicated and changed for unit differences and most of the description is in the attributes!!

    Yeah, I thought about just jamming it all in the details but with 1000 scientific products, that seems like perhaps an even worse thing to do regarding good data structure. At least in the attributes table they are labeled with headers and values so there is a remote chance of manipulating the data.

    THanks agian!!

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