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    Paypal Check out protection


    I have heard that when sell digital products that any one can see the location of the file and just goto that page and download the files without paying. How can I go about protecting it from being stolen? Any help on this issue would be appreciated.

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    With SunShop you can set the downloads directory to be 'below' the www root so only the scripts can access them - eg you can't go to

    It is quite secure if setup properly. We only sell downloads at and have not had any problems with security of the products.


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    Not only can you set the directory to where the downloads will be through software, but you can also have settings to allow access to the file even after purchased such as limiting the amount of times they can downlaod the file, set a time limit of when they can downlaod the product within a certain time frame, or even if the purchase is made and you haven't received the payment yet you can limit the accessibility to the file by the payment status.

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