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    Problem Generating HTML Pages

    I have created a new directory (not the default 'catalog'), chmod it to 777 and set it as the HTML Directory on the HTML Generation Page.

    However, pages are not generated - the popup window merely stalls out with 1 second remaining indicated.

    Have submitted a ticket, but suppose that Support is off for the weekend. Anyone have a clue? Using RC 6.

    Thanks for your time.

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    After looking at your ticket and logging into your ftp I noticed the directory you changed it to didn't even exist. So I created it and changed the perms and all works fine. So that was the problem... remember to create the directory if you are going to change the name.

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    Well I should have known...I did create the directory, but under the root domain, not under the Sunshop directory.

    Thanks for your prompt help, Chris!

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