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    Web Hosting Down

    Since there is no forum for turnkeywebhosting I am hoping someone here can help. My web site is gone, as of this morning it is being redirected to lunar pages and I cannot access the web site. I have checked opensrs and as well where my domain is pointing to, and yes I also double check my domain expiration and that is all fine. I know I am not the only one having this problem, how can I fix this? I am loosing $$$$ every hour!!!

    email to use is

    Domain is

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    Its actually not down. As of this morning our domain account was "taken over". All of the sites are up but someone changed the DNS on our main DNS domain tkwebhosting .com so the hosted domains arent resolving. Unfortunatly we cant get this fized until friday. SOrry for the incovienence.

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    To show your site is still up you can goto

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