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    Site map

    I'm just learning about optimizing my site. I registered with google and atm it is saying the page rank for my site is low. My goal is to get it high. Has anyone got any tips to help me out?

    Also I tried to register my site map with them but got an error saying Your Sitemap does not appear to be in a supported format. Please ensure it meets our Sitemap guidelines and resubmit.

    I think it said something about it needed XML format.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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    Great to hear that you are on the track in submitting your sitemap. Sitemaps for google and yahoo are supported in a gzip or .xml format. I am not sure that sunshop really supports direct submission of the sitemap to google. There are options available which have been developed by other users. Last I read, there was a cost for the module.

    The "sitemap" for sunshop is merely a format that shows how the pages are laid out. It isn't a "sitemap" in the sense that google or yahoo uses.

    Your pagerank for Google most likely will be low if you are just starting out. There are lots of SEO tips on how to develop a better google pagerank. The latest theory on this isn't based on a one to one link ratio, rather a three site issue. This means that you link to a site that had a high page rank. (4 or above). This site links to another site. The "other" site links to you.

    I currently have a google pagerank of 4 on one of my sites. I currently am listed 51,000 times with google with various news and forums. Yes.. 51,000 different links to my site. This site has been online since 10/2003.

    Read all you can about SEO and how to improve your rank. There is lots of help out there.

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    Thanks glock, I am definitly spending a bit of time researching this

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    In general, you don't actually need a Yahoo/Google site map in order to get your pages picked up by search engines, including Yahoo and Google.

    As well, PageRank is a reflection of how many high-quality sites (as determined by Google) link to your site; it's named after Google co-found Larry Page -- and doesn't mean "how your page ranks".

    Many sites linking to yours will raise your pages' ranking; many *quality* sites linking to yours will raise your pages' PageRank.

    By the way, the triangular linking scheme (I link to you, you link to him, he links to me) is pretty old news by many years.
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