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    Does anyone know of a good Hosting company for SunShop? I put in a sales request for Turnkey webhosting to host my shop but no one ever got back to me. So any suggestions?

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    CrystalTech Web hosting is very good. 24x7 Support that answer the phone and emails within mins..

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    Here are a few we always recommend:

    Also, you don't need to request for us to host your site, you can simply signup at and your site will be up within minutes provided you transfer the DNS to our servers.

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    Turnkey webhosting

    Hi Chris,
    I had some questions for you guys and was hoping to get a call back.

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    i'm using bluehost and have been really happy. we just switched, and that was just a little rocky but they are much faster than our old host, and have unlimited everything for $6.95.
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