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    PayPal Standard

    We like that with Paypal standard it forces the user to put all their information on our sunshop admin cart; however, we have had complaints that the process is confusing. We were going to use PayPal express so the user could go to PayPal right from the initial checkout page like Google Checkout; however, we then lose a lot of customer information/control.

    Are there plans to look at PayPal standard plugin process to improve that so the user after chosing PayPal at final credit card screen that the user can place the order on PayPal but the order and contact info does show up correctly inside Sunshop and not require them to go through afew more pages on our site and then finally at last page have to scroll down and click on "process order through PayPal"?

    We had 3 sales this month that they thought that their order was processed through PayPal already when they got to this screen so never clicked on that final button step. We had a 4th sale that by the time they got to this page decided to give up but did call us so we did not lose that sale and expressed frustration why we allow PayPal to be the charging option but make them go through a few more pages to place the order?
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    Unfortunately, PayPal standard is what is it. There isn't really much we can do as far as the process goes. Express checkout really is a great alternative and we even use it ourselves.

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    With Express Checkout what are the downsides of using it? Also, do you have to get PayPal Pro Payments additional $30/month service to use it? We currenlty use Chase and for our processing so having a few different processors is somewhat annoying.

    What we do like about using is all our contact info for the client and their order shows in the SunShop admin tool AND we can process/authorize the charge right in the admin tool. What are the options with PayPal Express as we do like that it would show the graphic on the initial checkout page but concerned we would then lose all the client data inside SunShop. I might not understand how it works with PayPal so further explanation would be appreciated.

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