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    Exclamation Our Hosting Recommendations

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    Question How about

    Thinking of moving website from godaddy to - Any complaints about using sunshop with services?

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    These guys worked for me

    Not trying to advertise but Digital Eagles servers worked just fine with the install and running of the site were building it now and haven't had any issues.

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    Hosting Recommendation

    I have been with In-Motion Hosting for almost a year running SunShop. Fantastic 24 x 7 tech support in laymen's terms and great friendly customer service + no down time

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    any of you guys have pci compliance issues with the hosts mentioned ?

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    Lightbulb Network Solutions

    Regarding Network solutions, the first post states that Network Solutions "Accounts and PHP functions are limiting, software runs slow" However, after purchasing the software and trying to install it, I found out that was an understatement!

    After installing it and getting hung up trying to access the admin panel, I contated tech support. They told me that there was a known issue with Network solutions and I was the first person to sucessfully install it on that host!

    After some more research, I found that to use it on Network Solutions (assuming a person was able to get it installed) a lot of code would need to be rewritten to overcome some of NS php limitations. Now I have been happy with my service with NS, and have no complaints with them as a host, but have switched some of my hosting to BlueHost so I can run this software.

    I would recommend that the developers put a note on their requirements page indicating the know issues with Network Solutions as well as the other host that they know to have issues (I believe it was Yahoo) so future customers are aware of it.

    Switching my host to be able to take advantage of this nice looking software was not big issue , but not know before hand did cost me time and money (in a SSL certificate purchased through NS that now has no use as well as the cost of time trying to resolve an issue that could have been avoided altogether)

    Thank you!

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