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    Recommended SunShop hosting for Shared / VPS...


    Just thought I'd chime in here, I made a move from HostGator to InMotion and I'm quite happy, here's the link:

    I signed on with the PowerPro plan, it's a shared business hosting plan, but I've also setup clients on their VPS servers as well. Nice, and fast, good response on tech support, and always able to help.

    Good luck,

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    I have to agree with viennadog99 that
    Godaddy and 1and1 are the worst hosting provider ever. 1and1 have unexperinced staff, they don't know nothing about servers, PHP, subdomains. It's really hard to communicate with support, because most of the they are from India, Pakistan(hard to understand because of they accent. When you call them you have to wait long time on the line and its not the cheapest number. Godaddy was the second server provider, cheap but not good at all. Good think about htem was that they have a live chat and that's it. Now I'm using (redacted) (11) per month, but support 24/7, live chat, getting answer after 15 minutes via email, no problem at all.
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    HostGator is an excellent web hosting service that's simple to use and offers an array of useful plans for consumers and small businesses.

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