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Thread: Out of Stock

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    Out of Stock

    I noticed when you are enforcing the "enforce stock" option and the product inventory reaches "0" the add to cart button goes away so that you cant purchase the product. Is there a way instead of the button going away to have a message that just says "Out of Stock"?


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    If you set the enforce stock to off it will show out of stock and allow your customer to order it. The only problem I see is that it will only show the customer that it is out of stock on the product page. It does not show them that it is out of stock in their cart or on the email they get after placing the order. It would be nice if it would show that it is out of stock all the way through the ordering process or that it is back ordered on the email they received. Jeff

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    Out of Stock

    Thanks Jett69. I did what you suggested. However, I still dont see the "Out of Stock". To recap what you said...Go into the Admin Program, Settings, Shop Settings, Turn "Enforce Stock" to Off. I then went into the "Products" area, randomly chose a product, edit, and set the "in stock" field to 0. Saved everything, went back to my website, refreshed, and I still didnt see "Out of Stock"

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    We did a search to see if we could find a workaround... this is all we found an old thread no fix but...

    we have Enforce Option Stock set to yes they can't buy that's great, but we get lots of emails and phone calls asking why is there no add to cart button, when we tell them its out of stock they now say "why is this on the site !"


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    Is there an option to completely remove the item from the page when it's out of stock?

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    Currently there is not but if enough people want that option we can surely add it. I would suggest adding it to the tracker as a feature request.
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