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    Generating flat HTML

    To try to get around the problem of slow performance i am experiencing (see my other thread on performance) I am trying to generate flat html files for my shop. Its around 2000 pages so this is taking a long time. Inevitably something goes wrong in the generation of the html and the process stops. Then I have to restart and it goes to the beginning, and gets snagged again. The stoppage is due to network problems or whatever but it really need to "resume" where it left off.

    I am only doing 10 pages at a time as I read that works better.

    Is there a "resume" feature that exists or is planned to make the html generation easier?
    Is there a way to initiate it on the server with a cron job or something? That would eliminate some of the issue.
    Anyone else have "best practices" to make sure the html generation works right the first time?

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    You can actually resume where you left off. You simply need to hit the stop button once you notice a pause and then hit the start again once the issue is fixed that caused the pause.

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    That is a moderately ok solution but not great. I really need the process to just resume even if I closed the browser and restarted it.

    Is there a way to say "resume where I left off" or "just do products that have been modified since the last run" or plans for these features?

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