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    Help integrating php code


    I am trying to integrate some php code from an existing page into a sunshop template. Part of the existing code is:

    <h2>Please Select A Department</h2><br />
    <a href="ads.php?dept=patio">Patio Furniture</a>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;
    <a href="ads.php?dept=clock">Clocks</a>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;
    <a href="ads.php?dept=kitchen">Kitchen Center</a>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;
    <a href="ads.php?dept=dinner">Dinnerware</a>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;
    <a href="ads.php?dept=home">Home Accessories</a>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;
    <a href="ads.php?dept=elec">Electronics</a>


    I'm trying to integrate this into a page template and assume that i still need to call the page like this:
    <a href="$settings[shopurl]index.php?l=page_view&amp;p=ads">Current Ads</a>

    How do i integrate the dept selection from the existing code into the template?



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    There's nothing to integrate. Those will behave like template codes. Just insert them to your templates. You will need to have a page called page_ads.html though.

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