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    Moving to new web hosting company

    I'm sure that this question has been asked before, but I guess I'm not using the correct search keywords to find the post. I would like to switch hosting companies for my shop, so with that said, what are the items that I should backup from the old shop to restore to the new one, and how would I go about having both shops up for a short period of time before turning off the old one (same URL, same shop license)?

    In other words, I would like to test out the new shop before changing DNS. But the sunshop software probably will not let me install without registering the domain and using a license.

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    If you need one on one support please open a ticket or give us a call. As far as backup goes you simply backup all of the files obviously through FTP and then the actual database. The easiest way to do this is to get a MySQL dump, which you can usually get from your control panel of your hosting account.
    Chris Talavera
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